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On this page you can find the tools I have written (in C++) and tools I use. Tools for entertainment purposes can be found at my games page.


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Tools I have written


I have written all these tools in C++.

Download the executables and/or source code freely.

All my tools are licenced under GPL 3.0.


  1. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktopWeb  AsciiArter: convert images to ASCII art
  2. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    AsciiArter (VCL): convert images to ASCII art
  3. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    BarbaImage: image manipulation
  4. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    BeastScripter: create BEAST2 parameter files from the command line
  5. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuDesktopWeb  CaesarCipher: encrypt and decrypt by Caesar Cipher
  6. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    CellularAutomatonZero: template program for a cellular automaton in C++ and Qt
  7. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuDesktopWeb  CodeToHtml: convert code to heavily-linked HTML pages
  8. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    CreateGlossary: creates the glossaries for this website
  9. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    CreateQtProjectZipFile: create a zip file from a Qt Creator project
  10. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   DotMatrix: displays character in dot-matrix (5x7) font
  11. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    DotMatrix (VCL): displays character in dot-matrix (5x7) font
  12. Qt CreatorC++ BuilderLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktopWeb Encranger: encrypts/decrypts single-line text, better then Encrypter.
  13. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    FakeEvy: replacement of Evy Greyearts' 'Start To Run' series
  14. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   FilterOperationer: performs filter operations on images
  15. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    FilterOperationer (VCL): performs filter operations on images
  16. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Frysk Leare Lieder: learning the Frysian language
  17. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   FunctionPlotter: plots a one-dimensional function.
  18. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    FunctionPlotter (VCL): plots a one-dimensional function.
  19. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   GaborFilter: performs Gabor filtering on bitmaps
  20. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    GaborFilter (VCL): performs Gabor filtering on bitmaps
  21. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   GrayCoder: convert integer to Gray code and vice versa
  22. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    GrayCoder (VCL): convert integer to Gray code and vice versa
  23. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   HistogramEqualizationer: performs a histogram equalization on an image
  24. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    HistogramEqualizationer (VCL): performs a histogram equalization on an image
  25. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktopWeb  Hometrainer: an educational survey suite for generating, taking and scoring exercises and tests
  26. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktopWeb   Hometrainer (VCL): an educational survey suite for generating, taking and scoring exercises and tests
  27. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   Image Rotater: rotates images
  28. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Image Rotater (CLX): rotates images
  29. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Image Rotater (VCL): rotates images
  30. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    KalmanFilterer: working with Kalman filters
  31. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    KeySender: send virtual key presses to windows
  32. Qt CreatorLubuntuConsole    KTouchCppLessonsCreator: create random KTouch lectures for C++ programmers
  33. Qt CreatorLubuntuConsole    LambdaBot: IRC bot
  34. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Leary Circumplex: generate an image of a Leary circumplex
  35. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Logistic Growth Simulator: simulation of the logistic growth equation
  36. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   Maze Creator: creates a maze
  37. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Maze Creator (VCL): creates a maze
  38. Qt CreatorLubuntuConsole    MidiLessonCreator: Creates MIDI lessons
  39. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Morpher: generates intermediates of two images
  40. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   MultiEncranger: multi-line version of Encranger
  41. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    MultiEncranger (VCL): multi-line version of Encranger
  42. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    MusicTheory: for visualizing my music theory
  43. Qt CreatorUbuntuNDSDesktop   ndsmake: generate Makefiles for NDS
  44. Qt CreatorNDSDesktop    NdsPaint: NDS paint
  45. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Paper-Rock-Scissors simulation (VCL): a paper-rock-scissors simulation
  46. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    Pause: does nothing for a certain amount of time
  47. Qt CreatorUbuntuWindowsDesktop   PerfectElasticCollision: investigate perfect elastic collision impulses
  48. Qt CreatorUbuntuNDSDesktopWeb  PicToCode: converts images to valid C++ code
  49. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   Pixelator: pixelates images
  50. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Pixelator (VCL): pixelates images
  51. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   PreDickAdvocaTor: predict soccer world championship outcomes
  52. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   PrimeExpert: determines if a number is prime
  53. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    PrimeExpert (VCL): determines if a number is prime
  54. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   QmakeWatcher: see what qmake does to a makefile
  55. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   QuadraticSolver: solves quadratic equations
  56. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    QuadraticSolver (VCL): solves quadratic equations
  57. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktopWeb Random Code: generates random C++ code
  58. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Random Code (VCL): generates random C++ code
  59. Qt CreatorRaspbianWeb    Rasper: control the Raspberry Pi its GPIO pins from a web interface
  60. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Refrigerator Puzzle Solver: solves a certain refrigerator puzzle
  61. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuDesktop   RegexTester: testing regular expressions
  62. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    RichelBilderbeekGallery: creates the galleries of this site
  63. Qt CreatorC++ BuilderLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktop RichelbilderbeekNlSitemapGenerator: tool to create the sitemap of this site
  64. Qt CreatorC++ BuilderLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktop RosindellEtAl2008: refactoring and extension of article 'Rosindell, James, Yan Wong, and Rampal S. Etienne. "A coalescence approach to spatial neutral ecology." Ecological Informatics 3.3 (2008): 259-271.'
  65. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktop  SecretMessage: tool to add/extract secret messages to/from bitmaps
  66. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SecretMessage (VCL): tool to add/extract secret messages to/from bitmaps
  67. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SimBrainiac: simulation of the teaching form 'Brainiac'
  68. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SimImmuneResponse: active simulation of the human immune response
  69. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktop  SimMysteryMachine: simulates my mystery machine
  70. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    SimplifyNewick: Simplify a phylogeny (in the Newick format) below a certain complexity
  71. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SimStagecraft: simulation of stagecraft (connecting and using theatre equipment)
  72. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SimThomasBerngruber: SIR simulation
  73. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SineApprox(VCL): sine approximator
  74. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SoaSim: simulation of a sexually transmitted disease
  75. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    SolvePuzzleX: solves the puzzle from X
  76. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    StaircaseCardCreator: generates a staircase card
  77. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   StateObserver: examine state observers
  78. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    StyleSheetSetter: edit the stylesheet of an application
  79. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   SurfacePlotter: plots a user-defined two-dimensional function.
  80. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    SurfacePlotter (VCL): plots a user-defined two-dimensional function.
  81. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestAbout: tests the About class
  82. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestApproximator: tests the Approximator class
  83. Qt CreatorUbuntuWindowsDesktop   TestBinaryNewickVector: test the BinaryNewickVector class
  84. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestBouncingBallsWidget: tests the BouncingBallsWidget class
  85. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestBouncingRectsWidget: tests the BouncingRectsWidget class
  86. Qt CreatorLubuntuWeb    TestBroadcastServer: web application of a multi-visitor edit widget
  87. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestCanvas: tests the Canvas class
  88. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestChess: tests the Chess class
  89. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktopWeb TestConceptMap: test the ConceptMap and QtConceptMap classes
  90. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktopWeb TestDial: test the Dial and QtDialWidget classes
  91. Qt CreatorLubuntuWeb    TestEntrance: web application to test the WtEntrance class
  92. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestExercise: tests the Exercise class
  93. Qt CreatorC++ BuilderLubuntuWindowsDesktopWeb TestFunctionParser: a 'calculator' that demonstrates a function parsing class
  94. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestGnuplotInterface: tests the GnuplotInterface class
  95. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestGraphicsProxyWidget: tests the GraphicsProxyWidget class
  96. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestGravityWidget: tests the GravityWidget class
  97. Qt CreatorLubuntuWeb    TestGroupWidget: test the WtGroupWidget class
  98. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestHugeVector: tests the HugeVector class
  99. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestLazy_init: tests the Lazy_init class
  100. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktopWeb TestLed: test the Led and QtLedWidget classes
  101. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestManyDigitNewick: tests the ManyDigitNewick class
  102. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestMultiApproximator: test the MultiApproximator class
  103. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TestMultiVector: test the MultiVector class
  104. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestMultipleChoiceQuestion: tests the MultipleChoiceQuestion class
  105. Qt CreatorUbuntuNDSDesktop   TestNdsmake: tests ndsmake
  106. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TestNeuralNet: test the NeuralNet class
  107. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestNewick: tests the Newick classes
  108. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestNewickVector: tests the NewickVector class
  109. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestOpenQuestion: tests the OpenQuestion class
  110. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   TestPlane: tests the OpenQuestion class
  111. C++ BuilderQt CreatorUbuntuWindowsDesktop  TestPrimeExpert: test the PrimeExpert class
  112. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TestPylos: test the Pylos and PylosWidget classes
  113. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQrcFile: test the QrcFile class
  114. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtArrowItems: test the QtArrowItem class
  115. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuDesktop   TestQtCreatorProFile: test the QtCreatorProFile class
  116. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtHideAndShowDialog: test the QtHideAndShowDialog class
  117. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtKeyboardFriendlyGraphicsView: test the QtKeyboardFriendlyGraphicsView class
  118. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtModels: test my model classes
  119. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtOcrWidget: test the QtOcrWidget class
  120. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtRoundedEditRectItem: test the QtRoundedEditRectItem class
  121. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtRoundedRectItem: test the QtRoundedRectItem class
  122. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestQtRoundedTextRectItem: test the QtRoundedTextRectItem class
  123. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktopWeb   TestQuestion: test the Question and related classes
  124. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    TestReversi: test the Reversi class
  125. Qt CreatorLubuntuWeb    TestSelectFileDialog: test the SelectFileDialog classes
  126. Qt CreatorLubuntuWeb    TestServerPusher: web application of a multi-visitor edit widget
  127. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktopWeb   TestShape: test the Shape and ShapeWidget classes
  128. Qt CreatorLubuntuWeb    TestShinyButton: test the ShinyButton and related classes
  129. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    SimpleLinearRegression: test the SimpleLinearRegression class
  130. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TestStopwatch: test the Stopwatch class
  131. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TestTextPositionWidget: test the TestTextPositionWidget class
  132. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuDesktopWeb  TestTicTacToe: test the TicTacToe class
  133. Qt CreatorLubuntuWeb    TestTimedServerPusher: web application of a multi-visitor edit widget
  134. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWeb   TestToggleButton: test the ToggleButton and related classes
  135. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   TestTriangle: tests Triangle
  136. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TestTwoDigitNewick: test the TwoDigitNewick class
  137. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop   ThresholdFilterer: performs a threshold filter operation on an image
  138. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    ThresholdFilterer (VCL): performs a threshold filter operation on an image
  139. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TicTacToeLearner: demonstration of machine learning by evolving neural networks
  140. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    TicTacToeValuer: demonstration of machine learning by state-value graph
  141. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWeb   TimePoll: web application to do a time poll
  142. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindows   TriangleMeshCreator: create 3D meshes using Triangle for use by OpenFOAM
  143. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop    UbuntuOneWatcher: shows what UbuntuOne is doing
  144. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop    VirtualBastard: GUI testing
  145. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuDesktop   Visual ABC: visual ABC music notation editor






Tools I have modified


These are tools that I experiment with, for example, getting it to compile under Qt Creator.


  1. AutoMix: David Hastie's AutoMix compiled under Qt Creator
  2. Beast: my BEAST2 investigations






Tools I use(d)


  1. C++ BuilderWindows C++ Builder: C++ IDE
  2. CygwinWindows Cygwin: UNIX-like environment, to, among others, port programs from Linux to Windows
  3. LubuntuUbuntu Freeplane: mind mapping
  4. LubuntuUbuntu gprof: C++ profiler
  5. LubuntuUbuntu i686-pc-mingw32-qmake: cross-compile Qt Creator projects from Linux to Windows
  6.    Issue Mover for GitHub: move issues across GitHubs
  7. Lubuntu  LyX: WYSIWYM (the 'm' denotes 'mean') text processor (LyX homepage)
  8. Lubuntu  Maxima: computer algebra system
  9. LubuntuWindows OpenFOAM: numerical solvers
  10. LubuntuUbuntuWindows Qt Creator: C++ IDE
  11. LubuntuUbuntuWindows Searchmonkey: file searching
  12. Windows  Shiny: C++ profiler
  13. Lubuntu  SymbolicC++: computer algebra system
  14. LubuntuUbuntu TEA Text Editor: text manipulation
  15. Lubuntu  valgrind: code analysis suite
  16. Windows  VirtuaWin: multiple desktops
  17. WineLubuntuUbuntu WINE: (not a) Windows emulator.
  18. Windows  WinMerge: comparing and merging texts
  19. Ubuntu  wxMaxima: numerical mathematics
  20. Xubuntu  xdotool: send keys to windows






Tools I have written too


These are some tools I have written too, but I don't like them enough to put in the main list


  1. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    It's Belcampo: conversion of email addresses
  2. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    WindowViewer: failed attempt to view all hidden windows
  3. AnyUbuntuDesktop    CallstackCounter: C++ call stack counting class
  4. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Color Number Determinator: viewing colors from RGB values
  5. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Combinator: finds combination of values
  6. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    CoutChildWindows: shows all (child)windows' text
  7. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Empty Text Lines Remover: removes empty text lines
  8. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    Encrypter: encrypts a text file, but not as good as Encranger
  9. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    HaaifsKiller: anti-Hyves tool
  10. Qt CreatorUbuntuWeb    Loose: dynamic website to redirect any emailaddress
  11. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop    RectFitter: demonstrates how to fit rectangles within a rectangle






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