(C++ tool) HaaifsKiller


HaaifsKiller is an anti-Hyves-tool that can be used by system administrators: it hides itself after five seconds, after which it automatically minimizes webbrowsers that are used to view Hyves.


HaaifsKiller can be fooled. FathersEye recognizes webpages visually and is more difficult to fool.


HaaifsKiller is released at the 31st of January of 2010 and programmed in C++ using the IDE C++ Builder 6.0. It uses the STL, VCL and Boost library.


  • View a screenshot of 'HaaifsKiller' (before it hides itself).

  • Download the 'HaaifsKiller' Windows executable (v. 1.0)(zip)

  • Download the 'HaaifsKiller' source code (v. 1.0)(zip)






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    Haaifskiller, anti-Hyves tool

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