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(Project) Project TwoDigitNewick








Project TwoDigitNewick is the successor of The Rampal Etienne Project, with the goal of improving run-time speed.


Project TwoDigitNewick has been developed by (sorted alphabetically on first name):


Project TwoDigitNewick started in May 2010.






Table of contents









The code of The Rampal Etienne Project is compared to the new code in result and speed.


All measurements have been performed on the same computer. In all simulations, the value of parameter theta was set to 10.0.






Same results


In a previous project, 162 different phylogenies, with complexities from 24 to 866052, were used to compare ProjectRampal_EndVersion2 to someone else's simulation, and it was concluded that these simulations calculate identical probabilities for identical phylogenies and theta's.


These same phylogenies are used to test that ToolTwoDigitNewick (this project) calculates the same probabilities as ProjectRampal_EndVersion2.







Speed comparison


The goal of Project TwoDigitNewick is to be able to determine a phylogeny's complexity faster for more biological phylogenies.


Dr. Etienne delived a phylogeny measured in the field. Because the phylogeny's complexity was about 4.8 x 10^87, it was simplified to a range of complexities both simulations can handle. These simplifications were performed by the tool SimplifyNewick.







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