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(C++) Maemo Maemo


Maemo is an operating system for mobile applications based on Debian GNU/Linux.


Maemo development can be done in C, C++, Java, Mono, Python, and Ruby.


For C++ development, the Maemo SDK or the Qt Creator IDE can be used.


When using Qt Creator, Maemo-specific statements can be performed in the project file 'meamo5' is the name of the conditional variable. can be used, as shown in the following project file code:


maemo5 {
   message("Maemo5 development")


In C++ code, the 'Q_WS_MAEMO_5' #define can be used:


#ifdef Q_WS_MAEMO_5
//maemo5 specific code here






Maemo phone technical specifications







How to obtain a list of installed applications?


The folder 'usr/share/applications/hildon' contains .desktop files (view the Meamo.org wiki page about the .desktop file format) with the same names as the applications installed. This .desktop file contains information like, among others, the name of its icon and the absolute path to the executable. If, for example, an application called 'MyApp' is installed, there should be a file called 'usr/share/applications/hildon/MyApp.desktop'. The file I/O code snippet GetFoldersInFolder can be used to obtain these names.


A minimal desktop file (from here):


[Desktop Entry]






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