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(C++) Lubuntu Lubuntu Oneiric Ocelot review


Lubuntu Oneiric Ocelot review is a review of the Oneiric Ocelot version of Lubuntu.






MacWindowstoUbuntu History: From Mac and Windows to Ubuntu


Ubuntu was my first step into Linux from both Mac and Windows. My first Ubuntu distribution was Karmic Koala. I liked the user-friendly graphical user interface of Ubuntu and its quick access to the command line. I was happy to set the GUI to 'quick' instead of 'beautiful'. As a programmer I especially enjoy the package management from the Ubuntu Software Center and Synaptic and apt-get.






UbuntutoLubuntu History: from Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat to Lubuntu Natty Narwhal


In May 2011 the Ubuntu version Natty Narwhal was released, with a new graphical user interface called Unity. I tried to master Unity for a month: as the Desktop wallpaper I put a keyboard shortcut reference guide. Yet after a month, I could not access my programs as fast as I would like to and I decided to look for other *buntu distributions. I discovered Lubuntu Natty Narwhal.


Lubuntu Natty Narwhal had a simple graphical user interface. The response of this GUI was so quick, I had to re-adept to this speed (similar as making the switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu).


Lubuntu Natty Narwhal had its issues: watching YouTube could possibly freeze the entire system and a hard boot would be needed to resolve this. Additionally, I failed to connect to a wireless network: it was too difficult for me. But due to the fast and simple graphical user interface, I accepted these issues.






Lubuntu From Natty Narwhal to Oneiric Ocelot


In October 2011 the Lubuntu version Oneiric Ocelot was released. This release would be its first release after Lubuntu was accepted as an official *buntu distribution: there would be a focus on improving the quality of the previous version, instead of adding new features.


In Lubuntu Oneiric Ocelot the problems I had with Natty Natwhal are resolved: YouTube does not freeze the system anymore and connecting to a wireless network had become easy! Except for this, the user interface remained unchanged (except for a different main menu graphic), so I lost no time finding my way again.


Lubuntu Oneiric Ocelot does have some small issues now:

The first issue can be solved easily: in the gedit Preferences, select to highlight the current line and the cursor will always be visible. The second issue is annoying, but I guess it will be easy to fix.







Lubuntu Conclusion


The upgrade from Lubuntu Natty Narwhal to Lubuntu Oneiric Ocelot brough me big advantages (YouTube and connection to wireless networks), took me no time to get to know the near-identical graphical user interface, and yielded one new small annoyances.


For me, Lubuntu Oneiric Ocelot was a step forward in a direction I liked.






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