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(C++) Qt CreatorWineUbuntuDesktop Hello World using (a Windows version of) Qt Creator under Wine under Ubuntu


Hello World (or 'The Hello World program') is a standard example program to see if your programming environment works. Note that this example code is not standarized, so multiple and similar variants are on the Internet. A more demanding example is Hello Boost, which also tests if the Boost libraries are installed correctly.








Technical facts


Application type(s)

Operating system(s) or programming environment(s)


Project type:

C++ standard:


Libraries used:






Qt project file: CppHelloWorld.pro


The Qt project file used is a default-created console application Qt project file:


# Project created by QtCreator 2010-09-29T14:58:49
QT       += core
QT       -= gui
TARGET = CppHelloWorld
CONFIG   += console
CONFIG   -= app_bundle
SOURCES += main.cpp








A default Hello World main:


#include <iostream>

int main()
  std::cout << "Hello World\n";






Run Settings


Do 'Projects (CTRL-5) | Run | Check 'Run in terminal' (screenshot (png)).


If this step is forgotten, no output will be shown.






Starting the program


Click 'Run' in the bottom-left of press CTRL-R.







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