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(C++) boost::checked_delete


boost::checked_delete is a compile-time-checked version of delete.


To cite from http://www.boost.org/libs/utility/checked_delete.html:


The C++ Standard allows, in 5.3.5/5, pointers to incomplete class types to be deleted with a delete-expression. When the class has a non-trivial destructor, or a class-specific operator delete, the behavior is undefined. Some compilers issue a warning when an incomplete type is deleted, but unfortunately, not all do, and programmers sometimes ignore or disable warnings.


In other words, if you use a lot of forward declarations you might choose to prefer using boost::checked_delete.


Note that std::auto_ptr does not use a checked delete. When you really need a checked delete, use boost::scoped_ptr instead (but note that boost::scoped_ptr has a slightly different interface then std::auto_ptr).






Befriending a class with boost::checked_delete


When you befriending a function template specialization (like boost::checked_delete), always explicitly add at last the <> template syntax [1].


struct MyClass
  //MyClass's interface
  ~MyClass() { /* something */ }
  friend void boost::checked_delete  (MyClass* x); //Bad  [1]
  friend void boost::checked_delete<>(MyClass* x); //Good [1]






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  1. Herb Sutter. Exceptional C++ style. 2005. ISBN: 0-201-76042-8. Item 8: 'Befriending templates'.






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