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(Teaching) Brainiac


This teaching work form has nothing to do with the TV-program 'Brainiac'!



The Brainiac teaching work form can be used to prepare students

for a test.


The Brainiac teaching form proceeds as follows:

1) Let all students sit side-by-side facing the teacher.

Every student must have a text book

The person at the most right is the Brainiac,

the person at the most left is lowest in rank.

2) All students need to make up questions from the theory

3) If a student has found a question, he/she touches the

shoulder of a student higher in rank. The question is posed.

If the question is not correctly answered, the answer is given

and the students switch places, else they remain seated. If

the students disagree about the question being answered right

or wrong, they also remain seated.

4) A student is only allowed to ask questions as long as not being

asked a question (from the student lower in rank).


I also program a simulation of the Brainiac teaching form, called 'SimBrainiac'. Go to the SimBrainiac page.




At the 28th of March of 2008, I used the Brainiac teaching form

in one of my VMBO third-year classes.


I measured the level of fun and the level of learning by counting fingers.






Level of fun


* Very boring : 1

* Boring : 0

* Neutral : 2

* Fun : 3

* Very much fun : 6






Level of learning


* Having learned nothing at all: 0

* Having learning not that much: 1

* Learned as much as a lecture : 6

* Learned more then usual : 5

* Learned much more then usual : 0






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