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(Levend Cluedo) What is Levend Cluedo?






Levend Cluedo is an improvised theatre-play.


Before the play, every actor receives a unique role description and a general setting description.


The setting description describes the location and recent events of the play.


Levend Cluedos have taken place in, among others: in the pub of the farmer's village Juine called 'Het babymammoetschedeltje', alpine hotel 'Casa Rossa', student society 'De Kroeg', the evening after the election of president Victor, in the pub of Noppuh called 'Het babymammoetschedeltje'.


As diverse as their settings are the roles of the actors. Every role describes a character. Often, a character has some painfull secrets and some usefull information. Also, a role discribes his/her relationship to some other characters. Often, these are mix of friends and foes.


These ingredients are enough to have an evening filled with fun. You are totally free to do what you like with your role, so feel free to gossip, lie, cheat, blackmail, cooperate, etctera with the others.


But yet, there's one element left: the general description described a murder that had taken place. One of the characters is the murderer (and is aware of that). The other characters together have enough clues to deduce who this murderer is. Theoretically, this is possible, but nearly ever has the correct murder been guessed.... That, however, is of no problem at all.






After having received your role


Keep your role secret! All you can tell your friends are your character's name!


For the Levend Cluedo, do not dress like yourself. You are somebody else. This somebody else probably has a different clothing taste than you. Dress like that. Dress differently, but not more then you like: there is no need to buy a new set of clothes!






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