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H5 Hackerspace Hive5


Hackerspace Hive5 (formerly: 'Hackerspace Backspace') is a beginning hackerspace in Groningen, The Netherlands.


Current status: 7%: a bunch of people (active people: five) that like to do cool technical stuff in the same place with a group website


New hackers are always welcome: leave a message at our mailing list or IRC channel to contact us. Or contact me in person.








Hackerspace Hive5 has a tendency to meet once a week on average, most often on Sundays and Mondays, at a member's home. The exact date, time and place is chosen by chance and convenience, then broadcast using the mailing list. BYOD ('Bring your own device') and PYOP ('Pay Your Own Pizza').

The first Tuesday of the month, some like to visit the hacker/maker evening at Fablab Groningen, from 19:00-23:00 at the FabLab.


BYOD = 'Bring your own device'. PYOP = 'Pay Your Own Pizza'.







Mailing list


To email us, send an email to our our mailing list's email address.

To subscribe to our mailing list, visit this page.






IRC channel







External links


  1. hive5.nl: Hive5 homepage
  2. wiki.hive5.nl: Hive5 wiki
  3. Backspace on hackerspaces.org wiki






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