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Sometimes, I like to create games in C++ or Processing. Sometimes even with others. Sometimes some people even likes to create games themselves. All I've put online. Games to serve a non-entertainment function can be found at my tools page.


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Completed games


All these games are licenced under the GPL 3.0 licence.


  1. Qt CreatorLubuntuNDSUbuntuWindowsDesktop BeerWanter
  2. ProcessingLubuntuDesktop   BeerWanter2
  3. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   BeerWanter (VCL)
  4. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop  Boenken
  5. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Boenken (VCL)
  6. Qt CreatorLubuntuNDSWindows  City Of Thieves
  7. Qt CreatorUbuntuWindowsWeb  ConnectThree
  8. Qt CreatorLubuntuNDSWindowsDesktop Das Wahre Schlagerfest
  9. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Das Wahre Schlagerfest (VCL)
  10. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktopWeb K3-Op-Een-Rij
  11. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   K3-Op-Een-Rij (VCL)
  12. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Knokfighter (VCL)
  13. ProcessingLubuntuDesktop   LonelierPong
  14. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktop Maziak
  15. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Maziak (VCL)
  16. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Met Z'n Drieen (VCL) (Dutch)
  17. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   PokeVolley (VCL)
  18. ProcessingLubuntuDesktop   Pron
  19. ProcessingLubuntuDesktop   Prong
  20. ProcessingLubuntuDesktop   ProPokeVolley
  21. ProcessingLubuntuDesktop   ProtonTank
  22. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop   Pylos (also called 'Pyraos')
  23. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Reversi
  24. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Reversi Console (VCL)
  25. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop  Rubik's Clock
  26. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Rubik's Clock (VCL)
  27. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   SearchAndDestroyChessVcl
  28. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   SimPredator (VCL)
  29. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   SpaceHarry (VCL)
  30. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop  TankBattalion
  31. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktopWeb  TicTacToe
  32. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   The Tron Collection (VCL)






Completed games by others that I ported


The games I wish I had made, and had to port myself to enjoy them.


  1. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop Corridor
  2. Qt CreatorUbuntuDesktop Zork (also known as 'Dungeon')






Games by others that I host the code of


The games made by others I host the code of. No coding from me was involved in these games.


  1. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Martian Cafe Tuinema Tycoon
  2. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Public Toilet Manager 5
  3. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Wizard Battle






Games by others I cheated at


The games made by others that I created a cheat or trainer for.


  1. Astro Menace
  2. Breath Of Fire 2






Games by others


The games I wish I had made...


  1. LubuntuUbuntuDesktop Meritous






Incompleted games


All these games are licenced under the GPL 3.0 licence.


  1. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Amino Acid Fighter
  2. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   BeerGetter
  3. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop   Dissolved
  4. C++ BuilderWindowsDesktop   Eukaryote
  5. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop   EverythingToPiecesShooter: top-down shooter similar to Smash-TV
  6. Qt CreatorLubuntuWindowsDesktop  SearchAndDestroyChess
  7. Qt CreatorLubuntuUbuntuWindowsDesktop The Tron Collection
  8. Qt CreatorLubuntuDesktop   XeNonZero






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