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(C++) Raspberry Pi


My Raspberry Pi notes.











Connecting to RPi via LAN


Instead of using a monitor, I connect to the RPi using a router. My router has an IP address that I visited with a webbrowser. The router's admin screens showed me that IP adresses were created from IP address 123.456.789. Using the Lubuntu Software Center I downloaded 'Putty ssh client' and started it with the command 'putty'. Putty requested an IP address and I entered the router's new IP address start + 1: 123.456.790. Putty showed me a screen with the text: 'login as: '. I entered 'pi', the default login name. Then it showed 'pi@123.456.790's password: ' and I entered 'raspberry', the default password.


I was in!






Which board revision do I have?


To check out the board you have, in the command line type:


cat /proc/cpuinfo


The result I got:








Problem: crosscompile to RPi via Putty


Perhaps this is not needed: g++ is installed already.






Problem: RCA to VGA does not appear to work


The RPi has an RCA video output (the yellow female port) that I wanted to connect to a VGA monitor (Nu W512A). In the shop I bought an RCA-to-VGA wire. This wire, however, had three RCA male connectors in the colors red, green and blue. Connecting the VGA monitor to the RPi with any of these RCA males failed


Hypothesis: wrong cable, incorrect monitor


Solution: try connecting via LAN






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