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(C++) BoostUnitsExample15


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Boost.Units example 15 is a Boost.Units example.

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Qt project file: ./CppBoostUnitsExample15/CppBoostUnitsExample15.pro



SOURCES += main.cpp








#include <iostream>

#include <boost/units/io.hpp>
#include <boost/units/systems/si.hpp>
#include <boost/units/systems/si/prefixes.hpp>

namespace boost {
  namespace units {
    typedef derived_dimension<boost::units::amount_base_dimension,1>::type sulfide_molecule_amount_dimension;
  } // namespace units
} // namespace boost

namespace boost {
  namespace units {
    namespace si {
      typedef unit<sulfide_molecule_amount_dimension,si::system> sulfide_molecule_amount;
    } // namespace si
  } // namespace units
} //namespace boost

int main()
  using boost::units::quantity;
  using boost::units::si::sulfide_molecule_amount;
  using boost::units::si::sulfide_molecules_mol;
  typedef quantity<sulfide_molecule_amount> SulfideMoleculeAmount;

  const SulfideMoleculeAmount s{1.0 * sulfide_molecules_mol};

    << "Number of sulfide molecules: " << s << '\n';


Number of sulfide molecules: 1 mol
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